My constipation problem happened as a result of not eating enough fruits due to my busy daily routine. After I took the Yakult sample for 10 days, to my surprise, I could pass motion easily from day 4 onwards. This is awesome. A small bottle of cultured milk drink does make a difference.

Hueh Nee (36, F) Penang

Yakult sangat membantu untuk proses penghadaman yang lancar. Tiada rasa memulas yang teruk atau sakit perut yang berlebihan. Rasa yang seimbang dan sesuai untuk setiap masa. Bagus untuk anak-anak kerana Yakult tidak mengandungi pewarna atau perisa tiruan.

Sofie (37, F) Selangor

My bowel movement used to occur only 3 times a week before I started Yakult. I was very upset and decided to try Yakult. After taking Yakult for 10 days, I could defecate smoothly at least once a day. It improved my digestion and I will continue to take Yakult for my digestive health.

Nur Hasimah (32, F), Kuala Lumpur

Yakult helped my digestion and has reduced my husband’s diarrhea occurrence. It also eased my father’s gastric problem.

Oshin (26, F) Perak

I prefer Yakult over other cultured milk drinks. It is a bonus to me that it boosts my immune system. I hardly get ill but mild flu occurs every week. After 10 days of trial, Yakult has improved my immune system. During the week of trial, I did not have mild flu and I was surprised with the effect of Yakult.

Siti Shazwani (28, F) Selangor

I love Yakult as it has less sugar variant and it comes in smaller package so that I can share with my nephews and my diabetic mother. It tastes better than other commercial yogurts or cultured milk drinks. I would definitely buy it for general health.

Priscilla (34, F) Sarawak

A very good probiotic drink that relieved my constipation problem. One extra noticeable effect of Yakult is that it may be good for vaginal infection or ladies with heavy discharge.

Jowen (27, F) Perak

I am very impressed with Yakult because it only has original flavour with less sugar variant without added artificial colouring. It did help to relieve diarrhea during my 10 days of trial. Even though the effect is not significant but I could feel the difference, perhaps the evident result can be seen through long term consumption.

Zhi Yuan (24, M) Perak

After consuming a bottle of Yakult every day, I realized my immunity is stronger - I do not get a cold easily.

Lydia (31, F) Selangor

I felt that my digestion has improved after consuming Yakult. I did not experience constipation problem throughout the two weeks trial. I will continue to consume Yakult.

Anon (23, F) Kuala Lumpur


Ter (39, M) Selangor


Angela Chan (37, F) Selangor

Saya ada masalah resdung masa bujang. Apabila jadi seorang ibu yang bekerja, saya kerap selesema dan demam disebabkan kekurangan rehat. Selepas mencuba Yakult, saya dapati imunisasi badan semakin kuat. Yakult telah meningkatkan sistem imunisasi saya.

Nur Amira (31, F) Selangor

Yakult Malaysia

Disclaimer: Survey conducted by Home Tester Club between 9/12/17 and 27/2/18, 274 members have received and home tested Yakult Cultured Milk.

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