Sofie, Housewive

I have difficulty going to the loo, but after taking Yakult every morning, it helps my constipation problem. Now, my husband also encourages everyone in the family to take Yakult.

Nur Amira, Museum Assistant

My sinus problem started before I was married. Now, as a working mum, I often catch cold and get fever due to lack of rest. After taking Yakult, I realized it helps to boost my immunity.

Mathuri, IT Executive

I really love to eat but eating spicy food gives immediate heartburn effect. Now I have Yakult, there is no more discomfort and I can enjoy all types of delicacies. Me and my family have switched to Yakult.

Angela Chan, Pharmacist

Before I started consuming Yakult, I had to rely on medicine for my gastric and bloating problem. I was concerned about the side effects of the medicines and searched for alternatives. Thankfully I found Yakult and I believe the goodness comes from the 30 billion Shirota strain.

Shunsuke Nakatake, Football Player

Yakult is not only tasty but a healthy drink too. It is widely available throughout Malaysia. I drink Yakult everyday and I personally think after work out and training, it is good to drink Yakult.

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