Yakult bacteria are scientifically proven to help us:

Regulate our bowel movement to avoid constipation and diarrhea


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Maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestines


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Reduce production of toxins in our body


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Enhance our body’s immunity to fight against infections and cancer cells


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It is a natural settling of the skimmed milk solids. This happens occasionally as we do not add any food stabilizers in Yakult. So, shake before you drink!

One small bottle of Yakult contains over 30 billion live Yakult bacteria, more than enough to keep us healthy each day. Yakult is not a ‘thirst-quencher’. Yakult should be used additionally, and not instead of yogurt and milk. It is comfortable to have Yakult in small bottle so you can enjoy Yakult everyday as part of balanced diet.


Smaller bottle is more hygienic. A larger bottle that is not finished might be kept open, thus has a bigger risk of infection with other bacteria.

At least one bottle a day is needed to get the health benefits. If you’d like to drink more, that’s fine. But keep in mind, it’s not about drinking a lot at one go – what’s important is to drink Yakult regularly every day so the Shirota strain good bacteria is always present in our intestines and keeping us healthy.

As a health drink, Yakult only contains the ingredients necessary to deliver the live Yakult bacteria into our intestines. So, Yakult does not contain any unnecessary additives such as colouring subtances. Different flavours usually require you to add in colouring and preservatives.

Whenever you like! But, it is more effective to drink Yakult during or after meals when your stomach is less acidic, so even more of the Yakult bacteria can reach your intestines alive. Many people incorporate into their breakfast regime.

It is not a problem to keep Yakult outside of the fridge for a while, even up to 4-8 hours. The Yakult bacteria will start to become active at temperature between 15°C to 40°C and will slowly begin to die after that as they run out of nutrients to stay alive.

Yes, there is no limit to how many bottles you can drink in a day, because Yakult is a functional food, not a medicine. At least one bottle a day is enough to provide the health benefits. What is important is not to drink many bottles at one time, but to continue drinking at least one bottle of Yakult every day.

Both Yakult Ace and Yakult Ace Light are certified halal by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM). At Yakult, a special Halal committee is formed to scrutinise every aspect of the Halal regulations and to ensure that all requirements are stringently adhered to.

A solution of skim milk powder, sugar and water is ultra-heat treated, then fermented using our unique live good bacteria, Shirota strain. Syrup, vitamins, calcium and flavours are added, and Yakult is then bottled and packaged. For full details, please place a booking and visit our factory in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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