Yakult Ace contains 14.6g of sugar while Yakult Ace Light contain 7.6g of sugar. The reason we include sugar is that is provides essential ‘food’ for the good bacteria, keeping them alive during shelf life.


During fermentation, good bacteria produce organic acids, such as lactic acid which taste sour. Because of high concentration of good bacteria in Yakult, the taste becomes very sour. So, sugar is also needed to balance the taste, if not, it will be too sour for us to drink

One bottle of Yakult Ace contains just 63 kcal, about the same as an apple, while one bottle of Yakult Ace Light contains just 45 kcal.

Yakult is practically fat free and contains no cholesterol.

Yakult does not contain any preservatives and colourings. The brownish colour of Yakult develops naturally during the production process when caramelization occurs as a result of heating of milk and sugar

Per bottle or per serving of 80ml, Yakult Ace contains


Per bottle or per serving of 80ml, Yakult Ace Light contains


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