About Yakult Ladies

Yakult started our special Home Delivery System in Malaysia in 2008. The Home Delivery Service is a distribution method unique only to Yakult. It is supported by a friendly team of Yakult Ladies, who are independent distributor-agents. They are well equipped with coolers bags and other paraphernalias to ensure the Yakult are stored in proper temperature during delivery.


The delivery is free and with no minimum ordering quantity. However, it is currently only available in certain areas.

Yakult factory in Seremban produces all products

These products will be transported through a cold chain system to Yakult Lady (YL) Centre

Yakult Lady goes to YL Centre to purchase the products

Yakult Lady receive orders from customer and deliver to their home without any delivery charge

Advantages of Being A Yakult Lady

business hours

from principal

and materials provided

and incentives

Yakult Lady Application Form

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