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Yakult Malaysia - Factory
Exterior of Yakult factory in Seremban The Yakult that we drink in Malaysia is produced from high quality, carefully selected ingredients from around the world and packaged in our technologically advanced local manufacturing facility, incorporating some of the latest food processing equipment.

The factory maintains the highest quality standards throughout the process, equivalent to the Yakult manufacturing plants in Japan. Strict standards apply to producing Yakult, ensuring a drink yield that is close to 99% (this means that 99% of the raw ingredients end up in the final product.) There are no by-products and little waste.

The Yakult factory in Malaysia is located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and it produces Yakult for the whole of Malaysia, as well as for export to neighbouring countries.

The Yakult factory was built specially with visitors in mind. In the Yakult factory, a lot of attention is paid to the two-way communication with the consumer. People who are interested can get information in the factory, and moreover - this is unique - they can follow the whole production process from a lobby on the first floor. The walls are made of glass, which makes every step of the production process clearly visible. This shows the open character and the clear structure of the company.

Fermentation tanks of Yakult Malaysia factory Production line of Yakult Ace

You too can visit the Yakult factory with your family and friends. Click here for further information.

The Malaysia HALAL logo - Yakult is certified Halal by JAKIM HALAL
All Yakult products produced by the Yakult factory in Malaysia are certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). You can verify the current Halal status of our products at the "Halal Malaysia" website www.halal.gov.my under the Halal Directory.
HACCP certificate awarded to Yakult factory in Malaysia HACCP
The Yakult factory has been awarded the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certification by Moody International since 2006.

The HACCP system is a management tool that systematically identifies specific hazards and control measures to ensure the safety of food products. The system is recognized worldwide and accepted as an effective system for food safety.